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And an add to my

June 18, 2001

And an add to my post from Friday the 15th of June about A.I. and the murdermystery of Evan Chan – an fictive person. There are of course a lot of people trying to solve the mystery and find out: Who dunnit? (as gangsters say). Some form groups to go along – and one of them (the biggest I’m told) is Cloudmakers with mailinglists, online chat and newsletters about the latest findings of the members. An interesting way to make people talk about a film.

There is also Majestic. An onlinegame where you have to solve a mystery, and where you are contacted in realtime by mail, fax, phone and – when it comes to Europe – by SMS. It has not been released yet in USA, where it starts out.

Well, this is great. Like

June 18, 2001

Well, this is great. Like three days ago – I’m still exhausted by work. In my weekend life was my to boys, wife and no web whatsoever. Not many links today – except for reminder of Superchannel. It’s a site and organisation with at lot of grassroot- webtv-channels, open for everyone to broadcast in. I.e. in Denmark people can visit the Situflex studio and record their own show and have it transmitted. Great idea – for instance this weekend there was a joint hearing about free media in the Balkan with representatives from the press in Denmark and Serbia – broadcasted at Superchannel with the participants sitting in Denmark and Belgrade with the possibility of chat with people online. That’s what I call a site with perspective.

Actually I am to exhausted

June 15, 2001

Actually I am to exhausted by work to day – editing – to write long details about my findings. But let me point to Atom – free search engine and knowledgecenter about webprogramming. I’ll think I have to check that out.

And of course – the whole story of the Spielberg-film A.I and the murder mystery of Evan Chan. An astonishing story – total fiction – but you don’t know, when you accidently sees one of the related sites i.e. Jeanine Salla. Search for her name in Google and things will start to happen. Her name turns up in the credits after the trailer of AI – after Steven Spielberg you see the name Artificial Machine Therapist. She’s on angle to the murder mystery.

Gotta run now – litteraly – so more on that later.

And here we go

June 14, 2001

And here we go

And now – why on earth should a danish webjournalist write a weblog in english. Well, simply because it would be nice – eventually – to be read by colleagues all over the world. Who knows – let’s go to work.

This – I agree – VERY simple weblog has been created late in the evening, but tomorrow I’ll head out to post, what I discover during the day. Tomorrow I’m working as editor at Computerworld Online , so let’s see, how much I will blog. But okay, this weblog is not public yet – not in the sense of advertising – so that doesn’t matter.

To the Infinite Space And Beyond!