Finally I have changed the


Finally I have changed the look of my weblog. Now it only need some minor changes, that are trivial, but takes time. In the meantime one can check out the debate in US about privacy at the net after the bombings of WTC and Pentagon. Suddenly Carnivore (FBI’s e-mailscanning tool) is approved by the Senate to be used against anyone in the fight against terror. I’ve written a commentary in danish Computerworld Online about this, that I find is highly worrying. We don’t fight terror and fanatics by narrowing the civil liberties of the citizens. If that does happen – the terrorist will surely have won. In Denmark a new privacy group – established by IT-professionals working with security – will fight all kinds of tampering with encryption, e-mailprivacy and the right to surf the net with being spyed on. It calls itself Securityforum or in danish It’s like Center for Democracy and Technology and Electronic Frontier Foundation – two very inspiring organisations.

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