Entered the new year with


Entered the new year with a rightwing government, who’s started to disable the welfare state – bigtime. Cuttings in spending for the environment, etnic minorities, culture and public services. But that’s what the people want so they’re getting it.

But one good thing that the government – consisting of the Liberal Party with the prime minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen and the Conservatives with support from The Danish People Party (ultra right-wing a la Jrg Haider in Austria) – has done, is to re-introduce the home-pc-bill. That allow employees to buy a pc with support from their employer – they are paying the largest part from their salary, and the employer pays 1/4 of the price. The state then gives tax benefites.

Spreads out pc and internet to people with short education and connects them to the network-society.

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