Trying to heat up the


Trying to heat up the engine again. Changed name to ramify. I like it, because it means to branch out in all directions, forming a network. That’s something the net is good at.

Just to introduce at few things. I’ve made a list of good bloogs at the left side of my page. In particular I’ll like to point at boingboing – a very active blog with several contributors. One of them, Cory Doctorow, I had the pleasure to interview a couple of weeks ago. He’s sci-fi-writer but also very active in Electronic Frontier Foundation, where he’s leading the fight agains the Hollywood industry and their attempt to get hold of people share at the net.

Hollywood has kidnapped the tech-firms into Broadcast Protection Discussion Group – a secretive group who’s lobbying the Congress to make harsh laws that will stop all kinds of sharing and copying. Read more here.

But Thomas Madsen-Mygdal is also interesting. He’s the founder of in Denmark, the annuale restart of the danish web- and IT-people. He’s a good man to drop by to get inspired of new things at the net.

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