Interesting essay – written in


Interesting essay – written in the New York Review of Books by Russel Baker. The quote goes like this:
“This is journalism’s age of melancholy. Newspaper people, once celebrated as founts of ribald humor and uncouth fun, have of late lost all their gaiety, and small wonder. They have discovered that their prime duty is no longer to maintain the republic in well-informed condition—or to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable, as the old gospel has it—but to serve the stock market with a good earnings report every three months or, in plainer English, to comfort the comfortable.” (via Scripting News / Dave Winer)

That’s sad – for a journalist to admit – but it’s true. Not only in an USA-reality, but also in my danish reality. The journalists are not any longer (well have they ever?) driven by a sense of citizenship to reveal the hidden structures, that controls a great deal of our society and our – the citizens – way of perceiving reality. We take too much for granted – and we don’t dare to question what politicians, business corporations or huge media structures are telling the public. We only question things when there is a public fuzz about populistic items – say :”Punish violence harder – more police on the streets” or “We’re being run over by lazy refugees and immigrants. They’re a threat to our society, our christian way of life etc.”

Then we make campaign journalism – but still only we’re pleasing the fundamental powers of this society. Hiding the annoying things for people, because we’re not sure, what people will say. Actually we presume that they’re not open to other views. So we don’t try it out. Why? Journalist do not dare to think or mean anything in public.

I don’t want journalist to be preachers of a higher truth. But we could try to challenge our readers, because they more clever than we and the publishers think.

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