Chocking. A danish court bans


Chocking. A danish court bans the use of deep linking in commercial newsletters.

Here’s what my publication has written about it:

"Danish court rules deep links illegal
In a court ruling today Friday, the court in Copenhagen, Denmark ruled in favor of the Danish Newspaper Publisher’s Association against the online news aggregator Newsbooster. Thereby deep linking has been ruled illegal for the first time.
Newsbooster, who was found guilty in all charges, immediately appealed the ruling.
Newsbooster searches online news websites and make a profit selling links to relevant articles to its subscribers. The Danish Newspaper Publisher’s Association accused Newsbooster of violating their intellectual property by linking directly to the articles instead of linking to the front page of the online news sites.
As the first court ruling on this matter worldwide, the result has been eagerly anticipated, but few had expected a ruling against Newsbooster and thereby deep links."

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