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Article about Blogs in business

August 10, 2002

Article about Blogs in business from Blogroots. Wonder when I’ll have time for my own danish online zine about alternative views of society than the dominating neo-liberal ideology.

Yikes – back from holiday

August 4, 2002

Yikes – back from holiday – to work and other projects. Fell over these interesting links:
meetup – find physical people over the web. You’re interested in a topic i.e. weblogging – find people in your neighbourhood and meet with them. I’m on to a meeting about weblogging the 21. the of August in Copenhagen.
Open Ether – a danish organisation formed to work for public wireless networks based on open standards. Also works for more innovation on this field. Site in danish.
blogchalking – a service or rather a code you can put on your blogs templete. Will let you to find other bloggers in your neighbourhood to meet with.
warchalking – a movement to form a language for letting people know, that they’re in an area where they can access a public wireless network. Peope actually writes symbols on the pavement to let others know.