Yaww – It’s tough to


Yaww – It’s tough to adjust to new realities in a downsized company. Write mostly about bankruptcies. Thomas Mygdal Madsen drew my attention to this brillant article in SF Gate:
That Reporter Done Steered Me Wrong
How much should we blame journalists for the dot-com crash?
. Good question indeed. We did the lemmings run in 1999 – 2000, and now we’re almost blind to small progress and succes among innovators.

You often get cynical as journalist because when you write about a bankruptcy – it’s likely the 23.rd for you – but maybe the first for the founders. You don’t leave them much hope and it may cause more trouble for the innovators trying to get back in the game. To you as journalist they’re just another story.

So, it’s good to read articles like the one in SF Gate.

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