A couple of months ago


A couple of months ago I noticed Tara Grubb – a libertarian candidate for The US Senate from North Carolina. Several web-notabilities – as Dave Winer and Dan Gillmor – talk a lot about this candidate from the Libertarian Party. She’s very dedicated to securing the digital rights and net freedom – opposing all Congress-bills that’s trying to narrow the space for free innovation on the net. Check out her arguments, they’re good.

A journalist, Ed Cone from Baseline – a Ziff Davies techno-magazine – thinks that her succes in the medias is due to her writing a weblog about her politics and campaign. She’s the first american candidate to do so. But if it will bring her to Washington D.C. on the day of election is another question. Her opponent Howard Coble – yeaaark a republican – has been elected for the Senate nine times.

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