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Winter in Roskilde, Denmark

December 29, 2005

Originally uploaded by Kim Elmose.

Isn’t that a nice home to return to after work? I love winter-time like this.

Everyone! is afraid of Google

December 22, 2005

Wired asks – and answers – in it’s December Edition: "Who’s afraid of Google.Everyone!" . The article lists all the areas that Google has been spreading into the last few years – places where others have build up huge operations: search in books, classifieds, video, telecom, operating systems, print, productivity programs and e-commerce – and we could add blogging, mail, hosting, mapping.

The attitude is slowly shifting amongs people – to concern and a bit like the attitude towards Microsoft – still seen as the huge corporate monster who want’s to control our minds and net-life. Interesting to see how Google will adress that challenge.

Bloggers – sleep with eachother

December 21, 2005

If you would like to attend to at some blogging-conference somewhere in i.e. Europe, it oftens costs some amount of money – registration fee at the conference and then hotel or other kinds of accomodation. You may attend as a private person and then that can be a heavy cost.

But fear not – one of my friends, Henriette Weber, has come up with at neat idea: Bloggers – sleep with eachother.

First step is to find one another at a wiki, she’s put up – Can I Crash. It will be listing bloggers who open their homes to other bloggers – who then again open their home to people attending conferences in their neighbourhood.

Simple but brilliant idea.

Survey about onlinepapers in Scandinavia

December 21, 2005

Lisbeth Klastrup has found an article about the development of online newspapers in Scandinavia. A must read.

Typepad imperfections

December 19, 2005

Okay – to all luck for Typepad I’ve no access to DSL these days – so I couldn’t post to ramify. But bummer – the service was down for days. That’s just not good enough – for Christ sake. Maybe Typepad only will be a short acquaintance :-(.

Switched to typepad

December 15, 2005

My first post in my new system – The reason is simple – and sad. I’ve run ramify since 2002 – to have a english weblog – to be able to engage in the global discussion.

I started out with – excellent system with a very good userinterface. Then moved to wordpress ‘cauuse of the db-features – It crashed during an update – and I choose b2evolution. In some sense a good system – but without the same drive as wordpress talking about developercommunity.

A week ago I was meet with this disgusting message: "MySQL error! Error selecting database [dan10956_bvlt1]! Are you sure the databaseexists? Are you sure there is a valid database connection?"

So – they got me. I’ve have no idea what to do – and won’t bother. I’m done with b2evo and now moves on to typepad and hosted services. I’ll have less customisation but – hopefully – more security on updates. I’m tired of using my time on speculating on updates, presentation and tech-stuff.

I’m journalist, writer, contentprovider. That’s my core business so to say.