Switched to typepad


My first post in my new system – typepad.com. The reason is simple – and sad. I’ve run ramify since 2002 – to have a english weblog – to be able to engage in the global discussion.

I started out with blogger.com – excellent system with a very good userinterface. Then moved to wordpress ‘cauuse of the db-features – It crashed during an update – and I choose b2evolution. In some sense a good system – but without the same drive as wordpress talking about developercommunity.

A week ago I was meet with this disgusting message: "MySQL error! Error selecting database [dan10956_bvlt1]! Are you sure the databaseexists? Are you sure there is a valid database connection?"

So – they got me. I’ve have no idea what to do – and won’t bother. I’m done with b2evo and now moves on to typepad and hosted services. I’ll have less customisation but – hopefully – more security on updates. I’m tired of using my time on speculating on updates, presentation and tech-stuff.

I’m journalist, writer, contentprovider. That’s my core business so to say.

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