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Why engineering weekly is a good example of monetizing on content

January 10, 2006

Former collegea of mine, Jon Lund – manager at Danish Organisation of internet Medias – list the many things we’re doing very well at as an example of how monetizing on our content.

Which of the Fortune 500 companies blog

January 10, 2006

Wired  has looked into how many of the Fortune 500 companies – the biggest ones according to total revenue – is running blogs. Not al surprisingly it’s mostly the tech-companies who’s one the blogroll. Not as many companies as I’ve expected but give them one or to public relationship disasters – and many of them will use the blogs as a damage control tool.

Tim Berners Lee on the blog-wagon

January 10, 2006

Things worth noticing: Mr. World Wide Web – Sir Tim Berners Lee has startet his own weblog.…one you almost have to have on the blogroll.