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Ramify – The Archives 2001 – 2005

November 30, 2006

Ramify – bloggen bliver ikke længere opdateret. Jeg blogger nu på Mediehack om webjournalistik, sociale medier og blogs.

Ramify er lukket som aktiv blog

Ramify overgår derfor til at være arkiv for mine blogpost på dels Kelmoweb og siden Ramify fra 25. Juni 2001 til 18. maj 2006.

The Ramify – blog is no longer updated. I’m now only blogging at Mediehack. From now on is only an archive for my blogposts from the first six years.

Advice: Back Up Your Weblog

May 18, 2006

TechCrunch runs an interesting piece about a new service BackupMyBlog that will automatically back up blogs daily. Good idea – i.e. when I’m now moving two blogs and a portal-site to new systems because of system breakdowns. Backupmyblog is still in a beta – it’s for free – has some limitations to it i.e. that you only get 10 MB of storage. But nevertheless – it’s the way ahead.

Ok: Goodbye to Typepad – Hello to Good Old WP

May 16, 2006

Typepad was not me, so I’ve headed straight back to WordPress to juice up ramify.

Maybe, maybe, maybe it can – again – serve as my international card to the globe when not blogging in danish at Mediehack.

Onlinepapers on the rise

April 6, 2006

Readers flock to online newspaper sites
The latest study from the Newspaper Association of America says one in three Internet users — 55 million — visit a newspaper Web site every month… tells us today.

web 2.0 bubble

March 18, 2006

I´ve seen this nice graphic about the companies working with web 2.0-features. Some call it a bubble – well, I don’t think that about web 2.0 – but of course there’s some buzz and highflying about it. Still, it’s a good thing with more collaborative services and programmes if we want the net to move further.

Saving old files – republishing

March 11, 2006

Have save – and thereby rescued – some of my old posts – actually back to June 15 2001. Both in english and my mothertongue, danish.

Collaborative Masturbation Network

February 7, 2006

If we get to self-obsessed in the blogosphere – something about the collaborative masturbation network.

Why engineering weekly is a good example of monetizing on content

January 10, 2006

Former collegea of mine, Jon Lund – manager at Danish Organisation of internet Medias – list the many things we’re doing very well at as an example of how monetizing on our content.

Which of the Fortune 500 companies blog

January 10, 2006

Wired  has looked into how many of the Fortune 500 companies – the biggest ones according to total revenue – is running blogs. Not al surprisingly it’s mostly the tech-companies who’s one the blogroll. Not as many companies as I’ve expected but give them one or to public relationship disasters – and many of them will use the blogs as a damage control tool.

Tim Berners Lee on the blog-wagon

January 10, 2006

Things worth noticing: Mr. World Wide Web – Sir Tim Berners Lee has startet his own weblog.…one you almost have to have on the blogroll.