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Which of the Fortune 500 companies blog

January 10, 2006

Wired  has looked into how many of the Fortune 500 companies – the biggest ones according to total revenue – is running blogs. Not al surprisingly it’s mostly the tech-companies who’s one the blogroll. Not as many companies as I’ve expected but give them one or to public relationship disasters – and many of them will use the blogs as a damage control tool.

Tim Berners Lee on the blog-wagon

January 10, 2006

Things worth noticing: Mr. World Wide Web – Sir Tim Berners Lee has startet his own weblog.…one you almost have to have on the blogroll.

Bloggers – sleep with eachother

December 21, 2005

If you would like to attend to at some blogging-conference somewhere in i.e. Europe, it oftens costs some amount of money – registration fee at the conference and then hotel or other kinds of accomodation. You may attend as a private person and then that can be a heavy cost.

But fear not – one of my friends, Henriette Weber, has come up with at neat idea: Bloggers – sleep with eachother.

First step is to find one another at a wiki, she’s put up – Can I Crash. It will be listing bloggers who open their homes to other bloggers – who then again open their home to people attending conferences in their neighbourhood.

Simple but brilliant idea.